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At a time when the sky had been slapped ⇝ The Lifted Brow ⇝ Fiction

Things Mined From Twitter + How To Walk Through Moderate Rainfall With A Soy Milk Moustache When You Get The Chance ⇝ Writers Bloc ⇝ Non-Fiction

Fern ⇝ Voiceworks ⇝ Fiction

Crap Plastic ⇝ Voiceworks ⇝ Poetry

A Zine Fair by Horseback ⇝ Voiceworks ⇝ Non-Fiction

The Kodak Colorburst 100 in April ⇝ Dotdotdash Magazine ⇝ Fiction

Sometimes I get lonely and I touch my status update ⇝ Vibewire ⇝ Fiction

Big Dumb Object ⇝ Dotdotdash Magazine ⇝ Poetry

Shagbucket Shadow of Death ⇝ Brautigan Free Press ⇝ Fiction

I Named Her Naturally Because I Love Castles ⇝ Brautigan Free Press ⇝ Fiction

I Would Like To Have A Bottle Of Castor Oil, One Chocolate Purgative, A Sedative, A Tonic, A Laxative, A Good Antiseptic And A Diaphoretic ⇝ Hands Like Mirrors 2  ⇝ Poetry